A career planning and employment resource for people who are blind or partially sighted

Orientation and Mobility Resources

  • Centre for Independent Living (CILT)

    Promotes the attainment and maintenance of optimum Independent Living of persons with disabilities in Toronto. Provides attendant services (AS), independent living skills training, peer support such as a diner’s club, and information about the Direct Funding program information, where persons with disabilities can become the employers of their own attendants. ​

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  • Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille (INLB)

    Through twelve rehabilitation centres, the Institut Nazareth offers residents of Montréal, Laval, and the Montérégie region (southwest Quebec) services including vision evaluations, daily life skills training, counseling, assistance with adaptive technology, and career support. Applicants must have their vision loss confirmed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. The organization also hosts over 6,500 offline documents on vision loss and rehabilitation, along with an online database; several videos; and an online store.

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  • Ontario Disability Support Program: Employment Supports

    Ontario Government: Ministry of Community and Social Services

    Run by the Ministry of Community and Social Services, ODSP Employment Supports provides diverse employment services to Ontarians with all types of disabilities at the local level. These include help finding a job, job coaching and interviewing skills, transportation and mobility services, assistive devices and training, and assistance setting up a small business. The application package can be found on the website. Medical documentation of a disability is required, though this is waived for Ontarians who are legally blind and who are registered with the CNIB.


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  • Assistive Devices Program

    Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

    Offers support and funding to Ontario residents who have long-term physical disabilities and provides access to personalized assistive devices, with the intention of increasing independence.

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  • Bookshare


    An online library of digital books for people with print disabilities, members download books, textbooks and newspapers in a compressed, encrypted file, then read the material using adaptive technology.

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  • Action for Blind People—Employment Success

    Action for Blind People

    Video by Action for Blind People showcasing a successful story of employment in the UK and the Access to Work scheme.

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  • AFB YouTube channel

    American Foundation for the Blind

    Fifty-one videos on a range of topics including golfing, workplace accommodation, orientation & mobility, assistive technology and Helen Keller.

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  • Video Clips on Blindness Tips

    Washington State School for the Blind

    A variety of videos and accompanying material offering tips on how to learn a range of life management skills.

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  • Balance for Blind Adults

    Offers a range of services including income support, employment accommodations, language programs, adaptive technology support, recreation and health facilities. Services are only available to those living in Toronto, Ontario.

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  • FamilyConnect

    American Foundation for the Blind

    A resource that offers tips for parents of children who are blind or partially sighted, including information on technology, education, and a toy guide. There are also message boards, blogs and videos.

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  • Vision Aware

    American Foundation for the Blind and Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight

    An online resource providing free, practical, hands-on information to help promote independence and enhance quality of life for individuals who are blind or partially sighted, as well as their families, friends and service providers. Offers tips related to accessibility, living independently, employment and more.

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  • The Hadley School for the Blind - Directory

    The largest educator of people who are blind or partially sighted around the world, serving more than 10,000 students annually in 50 states and 100 countries, Hadley’s directory offers a comprehensive list of useful websites such as dog guide schools, distance education, specialized schools employment, parenting and independent living.

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  • American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) Directory

    Offering a large list of services in the US and Canada; you can also search via service or organizational name and you can narrow your search to specific Canadian provinces or American states. There are 325 listings under the heading “employment, job training”. 

    Keywords: directory, international, training, employment, sports and recreation, workplace accommodations, financial assistance, education, job seeking, career preparation

  • W. Ross Macdonald School

    A school for students who are blind, partially sighted or deafblind. It offers a residency program at its location in Brantford, Ontario and provides life skills training, music therapy and workshops for educators. Within the school you can also find a Resources Services Library which provides Braille and alternate print formats for students across Ontario.

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  • NAPVI – useful links

    Links by NAPVI— a national membership-based organization providing parents of children who are blind or partially sighted with information, resources, leadership, support and training. Links include schools in the U.S., parenting sites, health information and private and government organizations.

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