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Taking Care of Your Home: Home Management Skills

Home management skills are the skills you need to organize and take care of your home and possessions. The types of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) expected of people in this area include performing such activities as, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and dusting your living and/or work space, planning and preparing meals, doing laundry, and maintaining a yard or the exterior of your home.

The reason this area is important to career planning is twofold:

First, if you can take care of your living space and your personal things at home an employer will trust that you can take care of your workspace and the tools or equipment provided to you on the job.

Second, having good home management skills ensures that you can invite co-workers to your home for social or work-related purposes. If you invite a colleague to accompany you home for a meal or to work together on a project, you want to be sure that your living space is clean and tidy, as its condition will reflect on you and your abilities.

To evaluate your home management skills, try this simple Home Management Skills Checklist. For more information on home management techniques that make use of alternatives to using vision, visit the Resources section.