A career planning and employment resource for people who are blind or partially sighted

Career Advancement

Most people want to move up or advance in their careers – they want to earn more money over time and assume positions of greater responsibility. People who are blind or partially sighted are no different - they want to have the same opportunities as their sighted co-workers for career growth. When you land a job, determine the standard rate of pay and how raises are calculated for workers; in other words, find out when you’ll be eligible for a raise and how that will be determined. A good job-related question to ask your supervisor or an HR (human resources) staff member is “what are the career advancement possibilities for someone in my current position?” Another good follow-up question is to inquire about the anticipated timeline for promotions based on other employees’ progress within the organization.

Once you know the career path possibilities within your organization, you’ll want to track your progress toward the goals that you’ve set for yourself – either to gain a raise or secure a promotion. The Career Advancement tip sheet can help you set the stage to ensure that you take advantage of those opportunities. 

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