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Lusia Lieves

SENIAT, Human Resources, Venezuela

Luisa discusses her work experiences and how she managed accommodations so that she could work competitively. Her competency has enabled her to be successful. An english transcript of the video can be found below it.


My name is Lusia Lieves, I’m Venezuelan and I work in the National Integrated Service for the Administration of Customs, Duties and Taxes (SENIAT).

When I went through the application process at the University this opportunity was not available to me because the public university where I could study, my parents didn’t have the appropriate resources to send me there and it was a public university and they wouldn’t admit me because I had a visual disability, they also said they had a negative experience previously with other blind students who did not complete their studies.

I’ve had three jobs; all have been with the government. My first job was at The National Council for People with Disabilities, there I worked part-time. Next, I worked at the Retirement and Pension Fund of the Metropolitan Mayor's Office and finally at the National Integrated Service for the Administration of Customs, Duties and Taxes, where I work currently.

When I was at the National Integrated Service for the Administration of Customs, what happens is that the custom’s officers change frequently and when a new supervisor was hired I would have to demonstrate my role and how I went about my job duties. Once I had a chance to demonstrate that I could do the job it broke down barriers. I believe this is the job where I had the most supervisors and had to often start from scratch and demonstrate that I could do my job without difficulties.

To work I use a computer with a screen reader and I also have a smart reader device, this allowed me to scan files.

Value the individual you hire as a true professional, the idea is not to hire someone with a disability because of the law or to fulfill a quota rather hire someone that can fulfill their job to the fullest extent possible and they can work next to other colleagues who don’t have a disability.

Being able to work has allowed me to feel good and feel included, and more than just receiving a paycheck it also allows me to prepare myself and better myself as a true professional.